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Ginny Moffett

Ginny Moffett also known as Fire Angel has been teaching and practising Classical Hatha Yoga for over 30 years. She trained in London in 1986 with Frances Houlahan and attended regular classes at the Sivananda Centre. In 1989 she trained to teach Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga with Ganga White and Tracey Rich at the White Lotus Foundation in California, and later qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga.

Her style of yoga is a blend of Classical Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a mix of the vigorous and the gentle, the ancient and the new. She is deeply grateful to the many teachers who have inspired her yoga path : David Williams, Danny Paradise, John Scott, Sandy Chubb, Manu Rossi, to name but a few.

In 2017 Ginny launched her 200 Hour Teacher Training Course in Classical Hatha Yoga, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. She has since trained two groups. More information on the Teacher Training Course.

Ginny opened The Space, Yoga & Healing Studio in 2009.

Her practice material One Pose A Day offers students a simple practice routine over a month.

Ginny enjoys her work with the elderly, and has developed a close relationship with Abbeyfield – a residential care home. She teaches those who are well into their nineties and has developed a seated yoga exercise routine especially for this age group.

Her CD Keep it All Moving has enabled those who cannot get to her classes to benefit from her expertise.

Ginny Moffett

Ginny has taught yoga in prison, particularly through the Prison Phoenix Trust. Ginny believes yoga and meditation provide an opportunity to teach prisoners and particularly young offenders techniques for managing difficult emotions in challenging circumstances and an opportunity for introspection in order to make positive personal changes.

Ginny has written an illustrated children’s yoga book, Strong as a Mountain, Supple as a Snake, which is due to be published in Spring 2021. Watch this space!

Ginny is also a qualified Reflexologist with the Bayly School of Reflexology and has been practising for over 25 years. She strongly believes in the healing and therapeutic benefits of this complimentary therapy.

Ginny offers a yoga practice suitable for the corporate world with particular attention given addressing to stress management, relaxation, fitness and nutrition.  Her clients include the US Peace Corps, International Red Cross, Tesco Group, Amey, Wragge & Co. and The Tonic.

Ginny presently offers classes, workshops and retreats at the studio and abroad.

Ginny presently offers online classes online classes.


Strong as a Mountain book cover

Strong as a Mountain, Supple as a Snake


A Yoga Story and Exercise Book for children and grown-ups

Chidlren have the chance to practice yoga and follow a story at the same time.

Contact me for more information.

One pose a day

One Pose a Day

Practice Material

Easy to use audio-visual guide in a calendar format covering 31 poses giving you a month of practice material.

* The audio guide is on CD so you can listen and follow your one pose a day

Price (including postage & packing*): £9.99

Keep it all moving CD cover

Keep it all Moving

An exercise routine for the elderly, seated on a chair. CD & illustrated booklet by Cate Wise.

Help maintain mobility, good posture and mental alertness. An enjoyable and easy to follow exercise routine, inspired by yoga, for the elderly on CD, all practised sitting in a chair. This audio CD is a 30 minute exercise routine based on 8 years of practising with the elderly at Abbeyfield, a residential care home in Buckinghamshire. Ages vary from 70 to 100. Accompanied with a funny illustrated booklet by Cate Wise.

Price (including postage & packing*): £9.99

* UK only. Return goods within 14 days for a full refund.