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  • With so many choices available, deciding to study for the Fire Angel 200 hour Teacher Training over a year was definitely the correct decision for me. The content of the course was incredibly wide ranging and comprehensive and provided us with a deep and broad understanding of the practical, philosophical and spiritual elements of the eight limbed path of yoga (acquired through the teaching weekends and lots of self study). The level of teaching practice in this course is much higher than in most other courses I had researched, enabling us all to grow in confidence and as teachers right from the very beginning. The style of yoga teaching was general Hatha Yoga which meant that we could eventually tailor our own classes as we wished, without being restricted to only one style. Thank you to Ginny for a life-changing year and one I know which has set me on a new path of adventure and discovery!

  • Completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Fire Angel Yoga allowed me to spread the course over 12 months and really absorb all the content; I don’t think it would have been possible to have learnt this content and become a teacher to the standard that I am if I’d have completed a teacher training in an intense four-week programme.

    The course was structured around the eight limbs of yoga, encompassing a broad range of topics. I chose this course over others in the UK and abroad because I felt the range of topics covered was more comprehensive than teacher trainings offered elsewhere. Also, the exposure to different styles of yoga through external teachers was invaluable, with opportunities to practice teaching nearly every weekend.

  • Ginny is passionate about Yoga and about teaching. The course was intense with a huge learning curve but everyone supports each other. I really enjoyed studying other aspects of yoga such as Philosophy and Anatomy & Physiology. Learning how to teach gives you a different perspective on the Asanas and Pranayama – very interesting and rewarding

  • A year that changed my life

    Yoga has always been a passion of mine…or that’s what I thought.

    I had needed my yoga classes, the postures, breath and movements; all of which made me feel amazing, giving my time to myself, giving me confidence and calming anxieties in me. Whether a peaceful restful practice or a dynamic energy enhancing practice, both were equally enjoyable. I wanted to find a way to show other people what this could do for them, to share my experiences and how it had helped me. I hoped this training course would teach me how to teach yoga.

    From the first day of this remarkable training course I realised that what I had thought was yoga, barely scrapped the surface of what is an instruction to a beautiful way of life.

    To have the opportunity to study in depth the origins of yoga, the history, the philosophy was truly mind blowing and a deep honour. At the same time this course did teach me how best to inspire others to seek the wonders of this ancient yet very relevant and much needed practice in modern times; to teach yoga.

    Following the teachings of Patanjali, this course will take you on a journey from breathing (which if you thought you had nailed – think again) to your diet, from singing in Sanskrit to silence in meditation, from deepening your knowledge of the asanas to appreciating all your senses, from exchanging different perspectives on life and thought to learning the working of the body’s anatomy and physiology, from feeling the sunshine highs to questioning your lows, from exploring the world to finding yourself.

    Ginny is passionate, incredibly knowledgeable, has some fabulous stories and will always strive to get the best from you. She leads this jam-packed course with such enthusiasm and love that shines through.

    If you are lucky enough to have a group of beautiful souls to train with, as I did, you will also find friends for life, who will always be there for you, always build you up and believe in you.

    This course didn’t just prepare me to be an asana yoga teacher but a more authentic yoga teacher as a whole by being a more authentic me. I feel I am now a better friend, mother and wife, a singer, a scholar, a thinker!

    Like I said, nothing short of life changing!
    The Smiling Yogi x

  • I can’t imagine that there could be a better way to have trained as a yoga teacher than on this year-long course with Ginny.

    One (intensive!) weekend a month gave us just about enough time in between sessions to complete assignments and to research and assimilate the knowledge that Ginny had started to share across the different topics each time.

    The course covers every element of the eight limbs of yoga and Ginny’s detailed knowledge and genuine love of the ancient texts is incredible. She puts her heart and soul into the training that she gives and … I really benefitted from her rigour and dedication as a teacher.

    We had lots of opportunity to take on board her feedback, to hone and polish our skills and to begin our individual journeys really well equipped and confident and believing in ourselves. I am now delighted to be teaching regular classes at The Space and at a local school. Thank you Ginny.

  • Ginny is a lovely and inspirational teacher and the course is very comprehensive and thorough. My practice and the whole way I view yoga has changed since doing the course. We covered so much more than I expected about the history and the purpose of yoga.

    The Space is a great place for the teacher training, as it is quite small and relaxed. The group is small, in relation to other teacher training courses, so you get a lot of attention. I would definitely recommend the course and would be happy to speak to anybody who wanted to ask me questions about it.